2 days course to drastically improve your presentations in a non-native language

This course will provide you with a wealth of insights and tips for public speaking.

Improve your presentation skills through a variety of exercises and personal presentation moments…

Together with the trainer, you will work on:

  • Presenting the right message
  • Creating a good structure
  • Building quality content
  • Improving your personal style


We guarantee you greater self-confidence and a practical improvement in your presentation techniques in a foreign language.

  • You prepare your presentations better and gear them to the standards of your target audience and objectives.
  • You learn to make a distinction between 'need-to-know' and 'nice-to-know' and adjust your timing accordingly.
  • You get the opportunity to practice in English and are given handy language tips.
  • You will overcome your stage fright and stand in front of your audience with self-assurance.


  • Advice on language usage from a native speaker
  • Video recording for feedback: 2 weeks after the training you will be sent a memorystick with the recording of your own presentation.

Bestemd voor

  • Executives
  • Staff employees
  • Managers
  • Trainers
  • Etc.

who give presentations in English on a regular basis, or those who speak on behalf of (major) groups, for example at meetings or congresses.


Excellent training!! From now on, I'm better prepared for presentation(s). Inside and outside work enviroment.

Sami Sirkiä, Customer Service Administrator, Mölnlycke Health Care

I found what I was looking for. A sound & durable method of starting the process to make & structure a presentation. Good preparation is 70% of the work ,-) I also discovered an important 'weakness' in my delivery. I shall certainly (try to) address this. The group size is ideaal for a personalised approach

Annick Michem, Flex-iTrainer, VDAB

The strong points of the training are that every participant is involved, that they receive a feedback on their presentation skills and are given the 'tools' to improve in the future presentations.

Caroline Spronck, Member Relations Officer, FTA Foreign Trade Association

It's an awesome trainer with a lot of experience, approached everyone in the right way and improved already every single one of us. The content of the course was superb!

Nick Heeman, Strategic Insight Analist, JT International Company Netherlands Belgian Branch

The trainers' enthusiasm highly stimulated me to learn more about the topic by means of the many references that were sent afterwards. The learnings offered are to-the-point and most of them can be applied as of day one. I practiced the learning points in a presentation with great success only one week after completion of the training.

Hans Petereyns, Technical Support Engineer, Chevron Technology Gent


1. Preparation

  • Thorough preparation: 'carefully begun and the battle's half won'
  • Defining your target audience and setting goals

2. Planning

  • Developing a plan: your help and support
  • Structure
  • What teaching materials are there?
  • When should teaching materials be used?
  • Timing

3. Presentation skills

  • Skills that give your presentation that added 'zing'
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Posture, voice and language
  • How to use teaching materials
  • Dealing with questions

4. Workshop

Practice, practice and more practice! 'Practice makes perfect', that's our motto. You may also be required to give presentations or speeches outside the context of your particular business. Which is why we have an intensive training course that is customised to such an extent that you tell us what topics you want us to deal with.


Oisin Varian

Oisin Varian, Learning Consultant - Trainer - Coach, OISIN VARIAN

Praktische informatie

Prijs: 1 430 EUR (excl btw)

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  • Tot 40% subsidie met KMO portefeuille. Meer info vindt u hier.

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