The essentials of working as a Product Owner

Scrum is a proven framework to deliver products and projects at minimal cost while maximizing delivered business value. A good understanding of the Product Owner role is essential for a successful implementation of Scrum because it will multiply the value of the delivered product and the project's return on investment.

That is why this 2-day certification training focuses on how to become such a great Product Owner. You will learn how to use the Scrum framework to handle your stakeholders, manage your requirements and build a trustworthy and realistic planning for your project. You will also learn how to optimally interact with the team to build the product your customers really need.

We will discuss and practice the principles of Agile, Lean and Scrum that are vital for implementing Scrum in your specific context. By also exploring typical pitfalls and proven implementation approaches, your chances of being a successful Product Owner are maximized by this course.

Optimal learning!

This course is designed to offer optimal learning for every participant, so don't expect a typical classroom training. You will be engaged and invited to bring in your specific challenges and questions. We will combine theoretical concepts, practical exercises, games, discussions and real-life examples into a great learning experience. After this course, you will be ready to become a great Product Owner delivering great products!


The main benefit of this top quality course is the huge amount of new insights and practical ideas you will gain about being a great Product Owner. This will allow you and your Scrum team to realize immediate benefits such as better planning, higher productivity and increased customer satisfaction.


The main benefit of this top quality course is the huge amount of new insights and practical idea's you will gain about being a great Product Owner. This will allow you and your Scrum team to realize immediate benefits such as better planning, higher productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Next to the 2-day training, our offer also includes:

  • Course documentation, checklists, further reading tips and a copy of your favorite Scrum book
  • Access to our experienced Scrum coaches to hands-on support you when implementing Scrum
  • The Scrum Alliance CSPO certificate
  • A 2-year membership of the Scrum Alliance, providing access to very interesting Scrum resources
  • 14 PDU credits needed for PMI certification
  • Kluwer Training is recognized by the Project Management Institute as Registered Education Provider. One day of training equals 7 PDU's.

Uw resultaten

When the capabilities of the Product Owner are optimized, an Agile team will experience immediate benefits that lead to improved effectiveness and customer satisfaction as well as increased return on investment (ROI).

  • Boost Product Owner capabilities
  • Optimize Agile teams
  • Increase Scrum functionality
  • Enhance planning and scheduling
  • Gain practical, proven techniques
  • Improve estimating skills and results
  • Maximize delivery capabilities
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve ROI
  • Leverage proven experience
  • Obtain thought-leader guidance and insight

Bestemd voor

This course is suitable for anyone working as a Product Owner, business analyst, functional analyst, tester or project manager in a Scrum environment. It is also very interesting for people in the product, sales and marketing departments of an organization, as well as other interested managers and directors. Since the Product Owner role overlaps with the typical responsibilities of a project manager, we highly encourage project managers and project leads to follow this course if they want to implement Scrum for their projects. And this course is also recommended for ScrumMasters that want to support and coach their Product Owner into doing a great job

In terms of experience, this course does not require any previous knowledge or experience in Scrum. Both people new to Scrum as people with experience in Scrum will find great value in this training. If you have no Scrum experience, however, we do need you to prepare this course by doing some minimal reading on Scrum. You will get the necessary reading materials after registration.


The way participants are kept sharp by a fun and varied way of teaching and the build up of the course is very positive. Participants do have input on the content, but well kept within the bounderies of the certificattion, the quality of the content and documentation.

Mark Steuperaert, Senior Functional Analyst, Telenet

I'm a fan of training without PowerPoint presentations, with lots of interaction, fun and an excellent coach!

Peter Van Perck, , Telenet

The training was given in a practical way. A lot of variation in the training and hands on. Very good !!!

Rudi Wils, Project Leader, Philips Belgium

A lot of interaction, the practical approach with exercises makes you do scrum and not just learn about it. Also the trainer is very experienced in the subject and has an inspiring way of bringing the subject to the group.

Elke Boon, Project Manager, Accretio

A training on scrum by doing and teaching scrum. Excellent choice!

Geraldine Nolf, stafmedewerker Geodata, AGIV Agentschap Geografische Informatie Vlaanderen


We will apply Scrum to run this course, so it will be fun and the content will be adapted to your specific needs.

What we will definitely cover are:

  • Agile and Lean principles and values
  • The Scrum framework and its roles, rituals (meetings) and artifacts
  • The Product Owner role in detail
  • Defining a vision and roadmap
  • Managing the Product Backlog to reduce risk and maximize return on investment
  • Writing and documenting requirements (user stories, acceptance criteria, ...)
  • Estimating cost and business value
  • Project and release forecasting, planning and follow-up
  • Initiation and kick-off of Scrum projects
  • Collaborating with the team during the Sprints
  • Testing and acceptance of the product

Compared to the regular 2-day course, we also have a 3-day course ‘Extended Certified Scrum Product Owner’. This course enables the team to deep dive on the fundamentals of Product Ownership in Scrum and at the same time practice many tools and techniques relevant for great product ownership. We will extra cover User Story Mapping, Design Studio, Impact Mapping and many more things to accelerate your Product Owner journey.


Sohrab Salimi

Sohrab Salimi is a Certified Scrum Trainer and entrepreneur based in Cologne, Germany. As a Certified Scrum Trainer Sohrab conducts certified workshops for ScrumMasters and Product Owners (what he loves most). In addition he leads the Agile Leadership Training initiative at one of the worlds most prestigious financial institutions. Further he coaches his clients' Scrum Team members and managers to continuously become better at what they do.

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